V-Art Protocol
Bridging web2 and web3

Decentralized multi-chain technology for products and licensing

IP rights and interoperability made easy for any creative, tech and luxury brands and projects

V-Art Protocol as a network
We build a true “Marketverse” - global network of web2 and web3 brands, projects and platforms, where IP licensing and sales are carried out using the V-Art Protocol technology.

Vendors: Creators and brands install V-Art Protocol to their infrastructure and select all terms. Unique NFT licensing tokens (connecting products with IP rights to them) are created for community and buyers.

Community: get 5% bonus in VART tokens for every purchase of creative products from the brands, creators or platforms, both for fiat or crypto. Enjoy your purchase and its interoperability both in physical and digital: our licensing supports AR/VR, gaming, music, fashion, luxury, metaverses, social networks, eCommerce, and streaming media platforms.

Use V-Art Protocol for your projects

- Buy and sell web2 and web3 products and IP rights

- Get tokens as a bonus

- Join the whitelist and loyalty program for more benefits

Create, buy and sell your products with licenses on your own website or platform. Secure your IP and get automated payments for it.

No commissions and free connections. Join the V-Art token program and receive tokens as a 5% bonus for every transaction.

Join the decentralized network and get the mass adoption & interoperability for your assets. Vote for the future features of the V-Art Protocol.

We provide a free connection to our turnkey solution - full SDK, API, admin panel and support Contact us if you want a customized integration

VART token

A unique token of the V-Art Protocol network, limited to 100 million VART. It has a wide use in trade and can be received as a 5% bonus for every transaction by vendors and buyers, plus later on it will also enable the fuller decentralization and participation in the management of the network.

A complete integrated solution

We provide a well-documented SDK as well as a branded admin panel and a NFT license marketplace to our partners.

Benefits of the V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol

White-label solution with free integration

Start licensing NFT & selling creative digital assets on your own terms.
Connect V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol to your website, store or platform.

Easy to NFT License. Easy to Track

NFT licensing is enabled via an IP token in just 3 clicks fully trackable on supported Blockchains.

Secure your intellectual property

Choose & manage exactly where your brand will be in the digital world by making your IP a true, digital asset.

A complete integrated solution

We provide a well-documented SDK as well as a branded admin panel and a NFT license marketplace to our partners.

License your content on the blockchain. Secure any digital IP right legal, technical & financial — we have all bases covered

Metaverse & AR

Creative & commercial use

Digital merch & fashion

We are on NEAR and Ethereum

Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrium and other chains are coming soon…

Licensing token is a ‘sub-NFT’, connected to an original creative asset. It enables the licensing (temporary IP rights transfer), so that the buyer can use the asset accordingly for non-commercial, commercial or creative purposes. Thus, both creators and buyers get a full transparency and dozens of available models for IP rights and usage.

Products and digital goods in the V-Art Protocol network

Why the V-Art NFT Protocol?

Our mission: to unleash and monetize a new wave of digital creativity across Web3.

We’re enabling our mission by combining legal, technical and financial solutions into a better standard for using any creative digital asset with IP rights: the V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol.

Already leveraging a full-scale platform for digital art sphere, our team conducted a comprehensive R&D to make convenient and legal management of digital assets available to any creative, tech, or luxury brand.

Onboarding steps

We care about our partners. That is why we have carefully developed simple and clear steps to connect the V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol.  

Want to integrate V-Art Protocol for you brand, project or platform?

Step 1: fill out the form for automated procedure or book a demo with us here

Step 2: integrate to your website, app or platform and start selling and licensing your products

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