V-Art Protocol
Digital licensing for Web3

A better way to monetize creative digital assets using blockchain-powered digital licensing for any creative, tech, and luxury brand.

License your content on the blockchain. Secure any digital IP right legal, technical & financial — we have all bases covered

Metaverse & AR

Creative & commercial use

Digital merch & fashion

What does your buyer get?
A digital file with IP rights verified on the blockchain and by a digital certificate

You select all terms. A unique digital licensing token is created for your buyer, enabling different ways to use your digital asset. You can track it all and prevent the unlicensed usage of your IP.

Your creative assets can now be used in many ways across many industries and in the Web3 world: AR/VR, gaming, music, fashion, luxury, metaverses, social networks, eCommerce, and streaming media platforms.

Benefits of the V-Art Licensing Protocol

White-label solution with free integration

Start licensing & selling creative digital assets on your own terms.
Connect V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol to your website, store or platform.

Easy to License. Easy to Track

Digital licensing is enabled via an IP token in just 3 clicks fully trackable on supported Blockchains.

Secure your intellectual property

Choose & manage exactly where your brand will be in the digital world by making your IP a true, digital asset.

A complete integrated solution

We provide a well-documented SDK as well as a branded admin panel and a license marketplace to our partners.

We are on NEAR and Ethereum

Digital licensing token is a ‘sub-NFT’ that is related to an original creative digital asset. It differs from the original NFT by the set of IP rights that are specified in the smart contract.

Why the V-Art web3 Protocol?

Our mission: to unleash and monetize a new wave of digital creativity across Web3.

We’re enabling our mission by combining legal, technical and financial solutions into a better standard for using any creative digital asset with IP rights: the V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol.

Already leveraging a full-scale platform for digital art sphere, our team conducted a comprehensive R&D to make convenient and legal management of digital assets available to any creative, tech, or luxury brand.

For which brands

Onboarding steps

We care about our partners. That is why we have carefully developed simple and clear steps to connect the V-Art NFT Licensing Protocol.  

Contact the V-Art team to integrate the V-Art web3 Protocol