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How To Turn Drawings Into Digital Art

Recently we have been hearing more about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital artworks worldwide and all across the internet. Thanks to these NFTs, digital artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and their pieces are now marketable for millions. Since this is a newer type of technology based on NFT licensing — emerging about mid-way through the 2010s, the question becomes — how can you transform the art you have already created into a profitable digital piece?

It may seem too good to be true that this blockchain technology creates conditions that now allow artists to earn millions of dollars from their digital paintings, however, we are going to delve deeper into the steps of starting that process.

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Digital drawing has emerged as one of the most popular techniques among artists. To turn sketches into digital design, artists prefer to use software like photoshop. Some of its most attractive aspects are the availability of unique features and the freedom to explore and experiment with drawing. 

A lot of artists enjoy the physical aspect of drawing artwork on paper, canvas, or other surfaces, so they may be hesitant to try digital drawing. The good news is that today, due to advanced technology, artists can turn their handmade sketches into digitized versions of original works.  

First Steps

The process of creating an NFT is neither complex, costly nor technical. All it requires is a set of creative skills and a personal computer, so if you are wondering whether or not to take the next step into creating digital art, you have nothing to lose. The NFT art world is quite different from the physical art market —  how art is bought and sold, what kind of art we value, and which artists. The positive side of this is that young digital artists receive a fair chance to become wealthy and popular. 

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The first step is to come up with a unique idea for your single artwork, or even a full collection of works. To begin the transformation of your physical painting, sculptures, or other types of art, you must start by identifying what makes your artwork distinctive. Take into consideration the techniques used, the canvas, as well as the size. 

How to Turn A Paper Drawing Into Digital Art

If the surface of your artwork is flat and it is portable, you can simply scan with a 2D scanner specifically made for artists. A scanner can give you a fast and good result for small works. Most non-professional scanners are usually suitable for images around 8.5 by 11.0 inches. If your sheet is too large for a basic scanner, you can contact a professional whose scanner will have a much larger surface area. 

If your artwork is not flat and cannot be scanned, there is technology available that allows you to create a 3D model with visuals similar to VR. Once you have scanned your work into your device, you can then import it to special software and make any necessary corrections. Congratulations, you have successfully turned your paper art into digital art!

Scanning and importing your image

The first thing you should do is bring your hand-drawn image to your computer or tablet and use the scan feature. To bring out the best quality you should scan your image for at least 300 DPI. The higher the pixel count, the crisper and more detailed the image will turn out. You should then transfer the file onto your hard drive for secure transfer once you are done scanning. The next step in digitizing your drawing is to transfer the artwork into the software of your choice. The most popular editing software is Adobe Photoshop. 

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After you open the image in the software, you should name and save the file. Clean up the image for any smears, extra spots, or color errors from the scan. After you clean up the image the next step is to make layers. You will need to create a background layer by clicking the new layer button and using the fill-in tool to create the background color of your choice. 

After creating layers, you should begin outlining your drawing, which will help make filling in colors easy. Once you are done with those steps the rest is up to you. You can add details, shading, or more layers to your drawing. Once those steps are complete, you will have effectively converted your drawing into digital art!

Now that you have learned how to turn your paper art into digital art, we can go over some of the benefits of art digitization. One benefit is increased exposure to potential buyers. If you upload your artwork, it opens a whole new door of opportunities and views. You can even upload your work to digital marketplaces and earn income from the popularity of your piece. Another benefit is the security of your artwork. There is no need to worry about the physical deterioration or damage to the display. You can even sell prints of your work that can go on stickers, mugs, pillows, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Claiming your artwork

Similar to how metal coins are stamped and integrated into circulation, NFTs are minted after they have been created. This process of minting adds a level of security to the piece, making it tamper-proof, and hard to manipulate. Since the new digital item is now an NFT, it can be bought, sold, and digitally tracked when it is resold or recollected. 

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Minting is an important part of this process because not only does it create a sense of security for the artist, it can contribute to generating passive income because, in most NFT marketplaces, artists can earn a set amount of money each time the item is viewed, as well as the sale price for the item when it is bought.

Claiming your artwork

The final step is to look for an NFT art marketplace to display and sell your works. The V-Art marketplace is a great platform to experience, collect, and sell digital art. Artists can sell and exhibit digital artworks with IP protection, and buyers can discover and buy unique digital art on the NFT art marketplace. Registering yourself with an online marketplace is the most effective way to reach the largest audience of potential buyers.