V-Art Protocol
Use IP rights smartly in digital world

              V-Art Protocol a white-label solution for licensing creative digital assets with IP rights verified and managed on the blockchain. It is a simple, safe, and flexible way to automate licensing and monetize creative assets, enabling their usage on any digital platform.

How do we interact with digital products and IP now?

Casual way” — licensing agreements and contracts stored on Google Drive and detached from the monetization process. Usage and terms are not tracked, so both the creators and buyers miss out on monetization and infringements.

“Web3 way” — status-quo of NFT. No choice in IP rights and questionable transparency. Both creators and buyers end up lacking actual usage and interoperability for creative assets.

A complete, cross-platform solution


A lack of industry standards and consistent regulations in the creative digital industry has permitted intellectual property (IP) rights abuse and limited overall industry growth. Why? Until now, there has been no effective licensing solution that fully satisfies the needs of creative digital asset creators, buyers and sellers.

Our solution

V-Art solves this problem by licensing creative assets and NFTs on the blockchain while securing any digital IP right.

V-Art Protocol creates a secondary market for what is now presented only as NFTs by licensing and monetizing creative assets on a temporary basis without forfeiting IP rights.

V-Art Protocol does this by combining legal, financial, and technical aspects of buyers-seller transactions into one, powerful solution.

Exclusive rights bundles & certificates

You also can customize IP rights for digital merchandise on a cross-platform basis for your community.

License your IP on the blockchain in 3 simple steps

Our types of digital licenses

One type of license does not impact another. Licenses are limited by a specific period and region. For example, you can sell an exclusive licensing token / NFT in the UK and another exclusive licensing token in Germany. In each respective region, it will be unique and follow the conditions on creative IP rights, but will be limited to specific regions.

Integrate your assets on any platform.
Provide different tokens for each license

Get a unique license certificate

Each creative asset has its own unique digital certificate. The V-Art provides advanced reporting opportunities not only you, but also suitable for various stakeholders such as courts, licensees and other vendors. 

Want to integrate V-Art Protocol for you brand, project or platform?

Want to integrate V-Art Protocol for you brand, project or platform?

Step 1: fill out the form for automated procedure or book a demo with us here

Step 2: integrate to your website, app or platform and start selling and licensing your products